About Us

Gulabbo Kurtis

We at Gulabbo Kurtis are on mission to revamp India's best hand work karigari by fusing it with stunning designs through our collection. We make best festive outfits, daily wear and Handwork kurtis, that are easy to wear and traditional Indian designs, but are lightweight and subtle.

Gulabbo was created with women in mind who know exactly what they need. Gulabbo was desined for women who desire outfits that reflect their individuality and personal style while also being comfortable and versatile.

Our collection are both functional and fashionable, aligning with the values of our independent women and allowing them to express their unique identity.

We are on a mission to revive India's handwork. Indian handwork has a rich history and is renowned for its intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail. From vibrant embroidery to delicate beadwork, Indian handwork has a unique appeal that can add a touch of elegance and charm to any garment or accessory.

By taking Indian handwork to the world, we are not only preserving the rich cultural heritage of India but also providing opportunities for local artisans to showcase their skills and earn a livelihood. It's a win-win situation that celebrates tradition, creativity, and sustainability.

We are always striving to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible. Whenever you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Thank you for your cooperation.

Address: FF03, Gulabbo, Royale Heritage Mall, Dorabjee Paradise, NIBM Road, Pune 411060

Phone: 9011399639, 9309845945

Email: gulabbokurtis@gmail.com